Planning a meeting, social event, or wedding is tough. Particularly if you've been tasked with this on top of your current work load. ZEC will happily point you in the right direction with a combo of templates and consultations applicable to your event. This particular service is beneficial to those on a tight budget, and are unable to bring in a full fledged third party planner.   You can do it! Let us help with the following:   Food and Beverage Template:  Assists in the breakdown of your event F&B needs, menu items, their line-itemed costs, and overall cost summary. This is a great tool for seeing what's *actually* putting you over, and where you may even be allowed to embellish.    Schedule of Events Template:  A SOE (or POE as it's also referred to as) is a great way to document what's occurring between all onsite vendors, in one document -- tabbed out. Your room set, room flips, catering refreshes, and AV and networking needs. This is an imperative document to communicate the many arms of your event to your venue. It's also a great support in the all important, BEO check.   Day of Schedule:  Depending on the event, the day-of schedule can be high level, or more detail specific. It's also showcased in a number of ways. For those of us visual receivers, a blocked out schedule is more beneficial, whereas some may need a line-itemed schedule detail that can be sorted and filtered more easily. Regardless, we'll work with you to be sure you have what you need. Brides/Grooms particularly appreciate this service as to catch all necessary items and communicate them more effectively to their coordinators.   Rental and Room Breakdown Template:  From the floor plan, comes a detailed document, noting the items needed by the venue, rental company, or both. This document states the number of each item, where it's to go, and can include a column for pricing to assist in your overall budget management.    Signage/Branding Report:  What signage do you need to successfully brand and guide attendees at your event? Once decided upon, this document will support you in your communications with your graphics designer, or decorator. This document includes the size, quantity, placement, and swap out instructions; entirely necessary when checking proofs, and onsite placement.    Staff and Temp Staff Schedule:  Once you've learned what the staffing needs are of your event, this document will allow you to communicate the number of bodies, placement, and shifts necessary to  pull off your event.    Request for Proposal:  When going out to bid for AV, networking, catering, decorator services, and more - a detailed yet succinct document is necessary to get the right quotes, in a timely manner. We can help you with that process, start to finish.  The list of documents event professionals utilize is endless. If there are customized document needs that aren't provided in the above, let's talk about it. ZEC will set you up with the right tools necessary to plan and execute a well thought through event.
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Planner Services
Private Dining
 Typically, those companies that reach out to us are veteran planners. Event operations/logistics workers that know it takes a team to both lead and execute an event. I implore those new to the industry to reach out as well. Whether full-scall project/event planning, or management of one piece, we're here. Take a look at our tool kit of services:  Meetings:  -Venue sourcing -Budgeting -Food and beverage -Vendor sourcing -AV Management -Decor -Collateral -Design -Speaker Management -Registration -Timeline -Staffing -Onsite execution  Conference: -Sponsor deliverable management + fulfillment -Venue sourcing -Site visit Coordination -Budgeting -Food and beverage management -Vendor sourcing -AV Management -Decor -Collateral -Design -Speaker Management -Registration Sourcing + Support -Timeline -Offsite/Social event management -Staffing -Onsite execution  Road Shows: -Any combination of the above  Call/txt/email to discuss your conference or meeting, and how ZEC can plug in and support!  707.318.1518 |